Spirit of Gorgorlou


Our Vision
Our vision is to become a role model of sustainable
agriculture for Senegal and all over Africa.

Our Mission
To live in harmony with the environment and nature.
To create awareness to eath healthy, safe the planet
and produce sustainable and 100% organic food.


Our Story

Who are we?

Moustapha Niang is a German-Senegalese social-entrepreneur, born in Germany, father of 4 beautiful kids and founder of the Gorgorlou project in Senegal. He is crazy enough and absolutely passionated on constantly trying to find innovative solutions to face global challenges which matters to all of us. Moustapha has extensive experience in logistics and commercial developments of different scales throughout many countries, such as Germany, China, UK, and Senegal.

His wife Yasmin Niang is also German and Co-founder of the Gorgorlou project. She is an expert in international sales (B2B) and is a multilingual talent. She speaks 5
languages fluently and is currently learning her 6th language “Wolof”. She has also expertise in Crossmedia marketing and PR with focus on Social Media.

Both share the same love and passion for organic food and sustainable agriculture and wanted to create a social business model in Senegal. To create the Gorgorlou
project the Niang´s noticed very quickly that it is necessary to move from Germany to Senegal and get an overview not only on global challenges, but also on the daily struggles of the population in one of the poorest countries of the world. Beginning of 2022 they started the project and bought a piece rural desert land nearby the small village Sarene which is located about 50 km from the capital of Dakar.

The local population suffers from unemployment, bad nutrition, missing education and a bad health care system. The country is very dry and farmers usually only are able to do agriculture during the rainy season. As agriculture is responsible for approximately 70% of global water loss, this was on of the main topics the Gorgorlou project focused on. Another huge and totally underestimated problem is the fact that foreign trawlers are overfishing the sea of West Africa, including those from Europe that nearly no fish is leftover for the Senegalese fishermen.

The EU actually wanted to stop illegal fishing, but the member states are undermining the efforts. This has an direct impact on the local fishing industry. The are losing their jobs
and often flee from poverty in the direction of Europe. Even if today Senegal is still one of the peacefulst African countries, the goal is to develop sustainable projects to maintain peace, reduce poverty by creating new employment opportunities and improve living conditions of the population.

The project

Gorgorlou is 100% organic agroculture company located in Senegal, in the Nianing province, in West Africa.

Like almost everything else, Gorgorlou started out as a dream and a conversation; just as an idea of a visionary: Moustapha Niang and his wife Yasmin, who decided to put their dream of living in harmony with the environment into action, and “simply” make it come true. Together with their friends Birame and his wife they founded Gorgorlou.

Gorgorlou takes into many sustainability measures, among which we can find fully sustainable use of water, recollection and utilization of rainwater, communal orchards, ponds destined to organic fish farming, organic chicken farming, generation of electricity from renewable sources, 100 % organic restaurants; turning Gorgorlou into the first 100% organic food company in the entire area. And training the Senegalese students why organic food, short delivery terms, clean water, a plastic free environment and reforesting the Great Green Wall is the future of Africa. Gorgorlou is also part of the The Great Green Wall movement with an epic ambition to grow an 8,000km natural wonder of the world across the entire width of Africa. This initiative is already bringing life back to Africa’s degraded landscapes at an unprecedented scale, providing food security, jobs and a reason to stay for the millions who live along its path. 

In our Spotlight

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