Spirit of Gorgorlou


Our Vision
Our vision is to become a role model of sustainable
agriculture for Senegal and all over Africa.

Our Mission
To live in harmony with the environment and nature.
To create awareness to eath healthy, safe the planet
and produce sustainable and 100% organic food.


Our Story

Who are we?

Moustapha Niang is an entrepreneur focused on innovation, dedicated to the design, development, and implementation of regenerative self-sustainable projects and 100% organic foods.

Moustapha has extensive experience in logistics and commercial developments of different scales throughout many countries, such as Germany, China, UK, and Senegal.

He is also experienced in the fields of economy and supply chain management.

His focus is set in developing projects in a new way, regenerating the area surrounding the project itself, creating communities with a positive impact while also being affordable, replicable, and profitable, generating a new model of regenerative developments sustainable over time.

His last project to date is located in Senegal, where he currently lives with his family is called Gorgorlou which means survival artist.

Setting a clear example of how living in harmony with nature without leaving comfort behind is a real possibility.

Moustaphas passions include sailing, diving, traveling, exploring, adventuring, learning from many different cultures, and meeting new teachers and role models from all over the world.

The project

Gorgorlou is 100% organic agroculture company located in Senegal, in the Nianing province, in West Africa.

Like almost everything else, Gorgorlou started out as a dream and a conversation; just as an idea of a visionary: Moustapha Niang and his wife Yasmin, who decided to put their dream of living in harmony with the environment into action, and “simply” make it come true. Together with their friends Birame and his wife they founded Gorgorlou.

Gorgorlou takes into many sustainability measures, among which we can find fully sustainable use of water, recollection and utilization of rainwater, communal orchards, ponds destined to organic fish farming, organic chicken farming, generation of electricity from renewable sources, 100 % organic restaurants; turning Gorgorlou into the first 100% organic food company in the entire area. And training the Senegalese students why organic food, short delivery terms, clean water, a plastic free environment and reforesting the Great Green Wall is the future of Africa. Gorgorlou is also part of the The Great Green Wall movement with an epic ambition to grow an 8,000km natural wonder of the world across the entire width of Africa. This initiative is already bringing life back to Africa’s degraded landscapes at an unprecedented scale, providing food security, jobs and a reason to stay for the millions who live along its path. 

In our Spotlight

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