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Dakar, SN

About me

My name is Malick Sow. I was born in Dakar 9th October 1969. I am passionate about agricultural professions so I entered to the National School of Agriculture in Cambéréne in 1989 where I graduated in 1991. The same year I got my degree in the field of water management and forestry. I learned a lot about nature. In 1993 I started my professional career with the 7th FED program as head of vegetable growing. A time in which I have worked with illustrious personalities who have had a significant influence on my professional career and my focus: I would like thank Commander Lamine Gueye responsible for Water and Forestry, Mr. Ndiaga Ndiaye from Thiénaba, Seurigne Mounirou Ndiéguéne from Keur, Mame El Hadji, Mr. Chritian Valentin, Mr. André Demba Wade coordinator of the NGO Enda Graim, Mr. Ibrahima Seck from FENAB and my deceased Mr. Pierrre Rabih – as they have shaped me significantly. 

Due to these charismatic and charming visionaries I had the chance and the opportunity to follow a path that lead me to become an expert on the field of agro-ecology. Today I am a certified trainer and coach.
In fact from 1993 to 2021 I always just to follow my goal of developing sensitive ecological organization and structures of agriculture. Based on a very old logic „Health of the soils combined with good agro-ecological practices leads you to quality production without the use of synthetic products. 
During this period I also attended numerous specialized training courses and participated in various national, but also international meetings about organic and ecological agriculture. 
I am also member of the team of trainers of the ToToT program of IFOAM and I am master trainer of the African guide of organic farming. 
My strength are deep expertise in the field of sustainable agriculture, especially of techniques for transmitting knowledge and awareness about agro-ecology. I decided in December 2020 to sep up a community-based company called Agrosol which is totally dedicated to agro-ecology and distribution of sustainable food systems. 
Due to this reason we started a very successful cooperation with the Baobab Holding Group and their innovative brand Gorgorlou located in Sarene on the small coast. I am technical manager, supporting their current projects and setting up their concept restaurants with excellent organic cuisine. 
Agrosol is a technical partner who guarantees production for complete satisfaction of the restaurants´ needs such as fish, poultry, vegetables and fruits. 


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