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What We Do

We are cultivating the future by developing aquaponic farms all over Senegal.

Aquaponics will one day help feed millions of people around the world – a benefit for humankind and nature at the same time. Traditional agriculture will fall behind.

Our system is a perfect symbiosis of plants and fish. In a closed water circuit, we let the fish provide fertilizer to the plants, which then clean the water by pumping it back to the fish.

This gives rise to remarkable results: Without using artificial fertilisers or other chemicals, we consume a minimum of water and energy, while obtaining yields many times higher than conventional farming. Even in the very dry Sahel-Zone it is even more important to safe water.

Thanks to our closed circuit, water cannot seep or run off we safe up to 95% water. Our farm is solar driven. We safe up to 70% energy due to having minimum maintenance requirements. Our production is also in demand thanks to being free of artificial fertilizers and GMOs.

What We Save

95% Less Water

70% power consumption

No synthetic fertilizers



Estimated produce:
Vegetables: Ocra, Cassava, broccoli, tomatoes, tamarind,
chilies, parsley, spinach, chard, pepper, lettuce, coriander,
basil, onions
Fish: Nile Tilapia, African Catfish quantity 3000
Chicken: 200 Free roam

Project duration: 8-12 months to complete full harvest

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