100% organic fruits and vegetables

sustainable farming


climatefriendly, 100% eco-friendly, water saving

located in Senegal - West Africa

Welcome To Gorgorlou 

Gorgorlou means „Survival Artist“ in Wolof. 

It is the brand of the German-Senegalese organic agriculture company called Baobab Holding Group based only few steps away of the West African coast. Gorgorlou is inspired by the idea of living in harmony with nature and creating a sustainable environment, understanding that growth does not have to be destructive, but rather regenerative. 

Contemporary agriculture in Africa faces complex challenges, such as food security,

population growth, environmental pollution but also resilience in the face of climatic hazards and so many others. Due to this production is no longer its sole purpose, but it must also help to preserve the health of populations and the balance of ecosystems, cause sustainable and organic agriculture is the future and backbone of Africa.

Gorgorlou is an outstanding success story and offers everybody 100% organic food, its permaculture gardens, organic fish- and chicken farming, amazing drinking water and renewable energy sources add value to the entire region and offers essential nutrition and moreover job perspectives for young professionals.

Together we created an innovative concept #from the farm directly to your plate“. Come and visit our farm and enjoy our healthy soul food in one of our Gorgorlou concept restaurants. We offer a plenitude of dishes such as freshly caught fish and fruits and veggies.

We invite hotels, restaurants and supermarkets to order our range of vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken! Prices and delivery terms upon request. 

Social responsability

Our logo Gorgorlou symbolizes a woman carrying a baby on her back, holding another childs hand. Women in Africa are the real „gorgorlous“ what means survival artists. They are not only strong, they are mother Africas backbone.

We actively support and encorage women to be part of our team. We also are destined helping children to get access to education and work closely together with the E´cole de Warang and NGO´s, to train young professionals. Education is the key for sustainable developement.